Agent Based Modelling: Medieval Warfare on the Grid

The MWGrid project centres on agents representing all the members of the army. The commander, through to the lowliest servant, occupy part of an military structure with one clear goal; to arrive at a destination in a fit state to win a battle. They act as part of a hierarchical organisation but have a certain amount of autonomous decision making capability and travel through an environment that contains a variety of resources required to complete their journey. Multiple executions of the agent-based model are required with different numbers of people and animals, different levels of food availability and different types of organisation and route planning. The simulation will record both the state and progress of the army as well as the effects on the communities impacted by the progress of the army. An army of between 40-70,000 people with attendant horses and pack animals requires over 100,000 agents in order to be modelled on a 1:1 basis. Clearly the processing power and the memory requirements needed for this simulation far exceed the capabilities of any sequential von Neumann machine. Distributed simulation and the harnessing of distributed computing resources emerge as the only viable approach to deal with a problem of such scale.


Medieval Warfare on the Grid



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