Geldeston Excavation, Laser Scanning and Virtual Environment

Geldeston Excavation


During the summer of 2011 Birmingham Archaeo-Environmental as part of the IAA undertook a student training excavation at Geldeston, Norfolk. The site, defined as a post alignment, had previously been identified during a Halcrow-BESL initiative of flood alleviation works on behalf of the Environment Agency. A programme of recording was undertaken in 2010 on surviving parts of what appeared to be a timber post alignment and trackway. Although no dating has yet been carried out, the site bears close resemblance to two other post alignments in the same 3mile stretch of river valley; at Beccles and Barsham. These were found to date to the late Iron Age and it is thought the same is true of the site at Geldeston. [Full Story]


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