The Warren Field Pit Alignment on the Mid Winter Solstice


The capacity to conceptualise and measure time is amongst the most important achievements of human societies, and the issue of when time was “created” by humankind is critical in understanding how society has developed. A pit alignment, recently excavated in Aberdeenshire (Scotland), provides a new contribution to this debate.... [Read More]

Medieval Warfare on the Grid


The MWGrid project centres on agents representing all the members of the army. The commander, through to the lowliest servant, occupy part of an military structure with one clear goal; to arrive at a destination in a fit state to win a battle... [Read More]

Agent-Based Modelling of Mesolithic Society


In view of the greater need to map Doggerland, including the survival and settlement patterns of early hunter-gatherer communities, a pilot study for testing agents as virtual humans is being conducted... [Read More]

Wooden Henge


The area around Stonehenge may appear unique but the interpretative issues here are common to many archaeological landscapes. Emerging over millennia the countryside is a four-dimensional puzzle in which spatial relations of monuments (in Cartesian terms) must be merged with archaeological time (interpretative periods – Neolithic, Bronze Age) and personal time (measured by the scale and spatial relationship of monuments)... [Read More]

Geldeston Excavation, Laser Scanning and Real-Time Virtual Environment


During the summer of 2011 Birmingham Archaeo-Environmental as part of the IAA undertook a student training excavation at Geldeston, Norfolk. The site, defined as a post alignment, had previously been identified during a Halcrow-BESL initiative of flood alleviation works on behalf of the Environment Agency... [Read More]

Sacred and Profane - Treasures of Ancient Egypt - The Eton Myers Collection


The Myers Eton College Collection of Egyptian Antiquities is not only one of the most stunning assemblages of ancient Egyptian decorative art worldwide, but also a window into the distant world of travellers in 19th-century Egypt and the Middle East.... [Read More]

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